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And the way he fought for those few seconds, like he thought he could get away; like eh thought it would make a difference when she really was the one in charge the whole time.

He just was not goinganywhere,and I bet she loved it as much as we did that he’d keep so muchfightin him in spite of that. They’re so much more enjoyable when they struggle.

… sigh gurgle. *_*

bookworm221b replied to your post: vvaginamine replied to your post: No but…

I always liked the boys that got tied up. Prince Phillip. Captain Planet. Batman. Boys in bondage and my little child brain didn’t understand what my grownup side wanted beyond, “I like that.”

Dude, growing up an inborn kinkster is legit the most bizarre and isolating and humorous thing. And those little landmines are hidden all OVER childhood media, my goodness! So many boys struggling against ropes and having their strength stripped off and their dignity picked clean.

Long live the erotic empire that is Disney XD

posted 2 years ago on 17 September 2012 with 5 notes
  1. miggylol said: Boy I sure loved episodes of anything where people were put through forced transformations, and welp now there’s NC17 fanfic for that.
  2. bookworm221b said: YES. It is so weird because when you are young, you don’t have the words and as you get older, you start notice kink shaming. And it gets weird. But then there are more and more things with boys in peril. And they are good. Long live Disney & co. ^_^
  3. nowishforwings said: Oh man. I had a thing, from a very early age, where my Barbies always ended up tied up and dangling off things.
  4. hollyandvice said: *sobs quietly in the corner, overwhelmed by lust*
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