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My Skipper may have tied up my GI Joe and menaced him a little bit. Or a lot. And there were a few Barbies that got tied up on a regular basis.

vvaginamine replied to your post: nowishforwings replied to your post:…

omg I love these childhood stories. I never realize “wow I had like.. fetishes when I was 4 years old” until I say what I did out loud.

bookworm221b replied to your post: writesallthethings replied to your post:…

YES. It is so weird because when you are young, you don’t have the words and as you get older, you start notice kink shaming. And it gets weird. But then there are more and more things with boys in peril. And they are good. Long live Disney & co. ^_^

Really, I knew from the get-go to hide that shit, and I don’t know why. It was an immediate understanding in me that ribbon rope and forced pleasure and mind control were not things I should be doing to dolls with the door open, know what I’m sayin’? Kink shaming came into focus so much later for me.

As a kid, I was too sneaky to be shamed for much!

And, RIGHT? There are times I look back and realize, “Oh my god, I was experimenting with the concept of orgasm denial/endurance training/pet play!”

And then I get very impressed with myself and decide that I was a kink prodigy XD

posted 1 year ago on 17 September 2012 with 5 notes
  1. boysinperil said: My Barbies engaged in a fair bit of bondage and “rescuing” one another.
  2. slide1mile6inches said: I didn’t realize it was wrong until I tried to explain to my friends these thoughts I was having, and them giving me O.O looks. I just wanted them to experience the same feels I was feelin’. No such luck, I was a misunderstood child.
  3. miggylol said: ALSO I watched the video to Janet Jackson’s “If” a LOT
  4. ratifythesilence said: I’m always blindsided when there’s petplay on my dash and I like it before I forget, and then I remember when I used to literally communicate by barking and I’m like ‘this should not be a surprise.’
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